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Our goals

We want to continue to grow successfully with our brand portfolio, establish new brands on the market and contribute to the success of our partners. We see one of our core tasks in paving the way for our partners to reach the customer via the various distribution channels.

New ways

With the beginning of the new millennium and the increasing spread of the Internet, traditional structures in the marketing of products have increasingly lost their effectiveness. Since then, social media channels have been on the rise as marketing and sales channels.
Right from the start we were interested in modern structures and possibilities and used them without neglecting the proven traditional ones. Personal communication is still very important to us, but online marketing and online communication are equally important today.
With a highly efficient team we are at home in both worlds and have the necessary know-how as well as the corresponding implementation options in-house. We continue to serve both structures and develop and provide offline as well as online marketing tools.

Our experience

Since our company was founded in the late 1980s, we have gained plenty of experience in successfully establishing previously unknown brands in the market. For brands such as ENGL Amps, GREEN Audio, EDEN Bass Equipment, BLADE Guitars, R.COCCO Strings, MARKBASS and many more we were the first distributor in Germany. In some cases even the first distributor at all.
We are proud to were the most successful distributor in Germany for brands like DiMarzio Pickups, GREEN Audio, EDEN Bass Equipment, BLADE Guitars and R.COCCO Strings to this day. When we took over the distribution of MARKBASS in 2002, we were the brand's very first distribution at all. Within the following years we established it as a key product in Germany and have been very successful with it until today.

Implementation and innovation

Our aim is to represent the brand and its values with as much motivation and energy as if we were the owners of the brand ourselves. We pursue a holistic approach which includes all areas from the presentation in the trade, planning and participation in regional trade fairs, artist relation management as well as social media management.
Close cooperation between the manufacturer and us is not only a requirement for mutual success, but also builds the framework for us to take on tasks outside of the usual field of activity of a distributor.
In 1993, for example, we designed the products of ENGL amps (tops, cabinets, pre- and power amps) and introduced technical innovations in ENGL tube power amplifiers. Some say that our design was groundbreaking for ENGL amps, we like to speak of it as a successful and sustainable collaboration. We have also developed and implemented innovative concepts in the field of marketing and advertising.
One of these innovations was introduced by us as the “cross” special format for advertisements in trade magazines. The immense inquiries we triggered for similar special formats have unfortunately led to the fact that trade magazines now only allow standard formats.

Our values

We attach great importance to the quality of the products we distribute and see this as a cornerstone for successful marketing. Beeing close to the market and to our customers is just as important to us as good warehouse organization and permanent availability of our sales products. A distribution strategy that is designed to be successful in the long term is another cornerstone of our work.
It is just as important for us to focus the marketing and communication strategy on the local, regional and national networks, if possible in the respective national language.