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In order to travel around the world, in a relaxed mode, as a professional bass player, has to do with the fact that you can rely 100% on your equipment and the associated services of your endorsement company!! My connection to S.M.I.L.E. and in this case Dirk Hesse, has accompanied me with absolute professionalism for many years! S.M.I.L.E. is still my contact today! Thank you for your always reliable job!

Thomas Zurmühlen / James Last Orchestra

Juhuuuu! I am very happy and I am already incredibly grateful that it all works so easily. Thank you so much! :)

Sophie Knops

I am very happy to work with the S.M.I.L.E. team! Not only are you technically flawlessly looked after, processing is also uncomplicated and quick. I feel very well looked after, both in terms of equipment and people!

Sebastian Nöcker

I am very satisfied with the service as well as with the personal contact. The ordered box was sent on the agreed date and was with me very quickly. Kudos also to Jörn and Dirk! Always approachable, friendly and helpful. It couldn't be better!

Patrick Zahn / Neander

It's incredibly comforting to have a partner like S.M.I.L.E. by your side. Reliable, fast, absolutely competent and uncomplicated. Then there is still the super nice contact ... Really amazing. I can rely 100% on the support which is just great !! MARKBASS products are beyond any doubt anyway. THANK YOU for your trust !!

Toni Ieva / Brainstorm

"As a full-time musician, contact with companies and distributors is very important. Not necessarily" only "because of the products, but rather because of the support that is usually given to you by the distributors. Many amateur musicians think that it's a great one to have a endorsement and then you get everything for free. For me personally, however, reliability is the most important thing, precisely of the products I use on stages and in the studio. What use is the best sounding amp to me if it cannot withstand my everyday musicianship in addition to the question of sound, points such as reliability and sales support are extremely important. Then I like to pay for a product and with SMILE MUSIC I have one of the best distributors behind me that I have got to know in all my decades of musicianship. If Dirk Hesse too tells me that something does not work, then it says this because it is really impossible. Everything else where you think it is not possible, Dirk makes it impossible Possible and for that I am incredibly grateful to him.

Ralf Gauck

I can only report good experiences with S.M.I.L.E. The service is top, competent and always trying to find a solution. One of my amps didn't want to work anymore, in the middle of our last European tour in Barcelona. But after a call to S.M.I.L.E. and our tour manager called back, I had a new amp in the next Spanish town and show. Simply amazing!

Mat Sinner / Primal Fear / Sinner / Rock Meets Classic

Many thanks to Markbass Germany. You guys are great. Your support is doing really well, especially in this rather difficult time.

Toby Schwietering

I fondly remember my first contact, where I asked about an endorsement and needed an amp for a tour at short notice. The contact with Jörn was super nice and without much fuss he sent me my amp to our first venue. Since then: Whenever I have a question or am not sure which speaker or which amp might be suitable for a particular sound, Jörn quickly helps me. This is important to me: Not only good quality equipment, but also service that helps me where I need it. Thank you very much!

David Alleckna

Thanks for the great service!

Andi Zanker

My experiences with S.M.I.L.E. are consistently positive, the staff are always friendly and collegial, the service reliable. Two Thumbs Up!

Torsten de Winkel